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Application Modernisation

Modernise your business with confidence

We work with you to modernise your .NET applications and infrastructure, enabling you to take full advantage of the cloud. Leveraging modern software practices and the latest technology throughout the application lifecycle, we deliver better solutions aligned with your future strategy.

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Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

Free your organisation from the time and resources dedicated to maintaining apps and spend more time innovating. By modernising existing apps, organisations can build on existing investments while enabling future evolution to meet current and future business needs.

Security and Reliability

Built-in Azure tooling such as Azure Security, Azure Monitor and Web-Application Firewall together with best-practice Azure Landing Zones help to standardise and safeguard your workloads. Automate tasks such as high availability, disaster recovery and application performance monitoring.

Business Agility and Competitive Advantage

Improve time-to-market by leveraging fully managed application and data services such as Azure App Service, Function Apps, Azure SQL Database and Azure Cosmos DB. Streamline all aspects of application delivery with optimised Developer Experience, DevOps, and Infrastructure-as-code tools such as Azure DevOps, Azure DevBox, GitHub Actions, Bicep, and Terraform.

Why choose Mantel Group to build your Cloud-Native applications

  • Take full advantage of the cloud
  • Add security, resilience, and reliability to your systems
  • Determine the ideal modernisation pathway for your needs
  • Leverage our end-to-end capabilities and deep expertise
  • Accelerate your technology strategy
  • Uplift and up-skill your team

What is Application Modernisation?

Application Modernisation is the practice of updating an organisation’s existing applications to a cloud-first model. App Modernisation can take many forms – as identified by the Garner “5 Rs” model.


Rehosting, also known as “Lift and shift”, is about moving apps into cloud platforms as-is. For example, moving an on-premises application server into an Azure Virtual Machine.


Take advantage of PaaS service scalability by re-platforming. For example, re-platforming a web application from self-managed web servers to Azure App Services or leveraging AKS.


Make changes to your application to leverage cloud-native offerings and empower future features. Adopt technologies such as CosmosDB, Azure Cognitive Services, Messaging Architectures with Azure Service Bus or Azure Event Grid and the latest Open AI offerings.


Assessment may reveal that an existing application is no longer fit-for-purpose. In this instance, a full rebuild may be required. This is a more significant undertaking that may be essential, and we have the capabilities to deliver a full rebuild for you using the latest technologies.


Finding a ready-made solution that better fits your needs can be faster than and more cost-effective than rebuilding and can also free up resources to be redeployed elsewhere. Both rebuilding and replacing involve challenges and risks, which we will help you navigate.

What do we do

Mantel Group can guide your organisation through the complete App Modernisation journey. We start by assessing and documenting your existing workloads. Then we help navigate the many modernisation options available from the Gartner “5Rs” model. We will collaborate to develop a solution design and business case based on your specific needs and Microsoft best practices leveraging our cloud offerings, such as the Well-Architected-Framework and Azure Landing Zones.

Mantel Group can then fully execute or assist internal teams in all aspects of App Modernisation delivery – from Developer Experience, DevOps and project planning through to development, testing, deployment, acceptance, operations and monitoring.

The process
we take


In-depth assessment, documentation and discovery in collaboration with your subject matter experts and business stakeholders to determine the ideal modernisation approach, incremental delivery plan and next steps.

Solution design

Technical solution design utilising Microsoft best practices and the latest technology, embedding Security, DevOps and DevEx across the application.

Modernisation development, delivery and deployment

Iterative delivery and deployment alongside your business to uplift your existing technology landscape and implement comprehensive Application Modernisation. We empower and upskill in-house teams across all phases of delivery or can provide a fully skilled, strong delivery team to cover the end-to-end process.

Working with Mantel Group has been both a great experience and an accelerant to our modernisation strategy and innovation agenda. Their expertise in API modernisation has allowed us to uplift our systems and stay ahead of the technology curve giving us a new pattern and solid foundation to build out from. The uplifted system, with a now standardised pattern built on a serverless AWS implementation, has given us the ability to start planning a productised version of our API as well as liberating some thinking within the team for innovation work around how we deliver incredible customer centric products and services. The team has been impressed with the quality of work and highly recommend Mantel Group to any company looking to modernise their systems.

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