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Published May 11, 2019

Cubiko, developed and hosted by Mantel Group, is a cloud based software solution which draws data from across clinical practice management, accounting and staff rostering systems to produce dashboards customised to the needs of General Practice Owners, Practice Managers, Doctors, Nurses and Receptionists. Cubiko displays data in easy to understand dashboards and provides a real-time overview of critical tasks that need to be monitored for completion to maintain high standards of patient care and cash flow.


Cubiko is built for everyone involved in General Practice, from GPs and Practice Managers, to Nurses and Reception team members.  Dashboards have been developed to give each team member access to the information they need to achieve optimal performance in their role, more safely and easily. Combined sets of data, reported over time and against budgets, help practice owners understand how key parts of the practice are performing.  This enables practice managers and owners to make evidence-based, transparent decisions about where change needs to occur. The ready access to readable data in the form of trend lines, graphs and other visual representations means that change can be tracked and monitored to ensure the desired results are achieved.