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Managed Services

Key Results

Mantel Group’s Managed Services offering includes Site Reliability and Continuous Improvement activity that will assist academyEx on a hosted AWS environment facilitating the management of your environment using modern cloud tooling, automation and monitoring with the backing of our team of Site Reliability engineers.

Company Overview

academyEX is a fast-growing education institute providing innovative learning programs to keep up with the quickly-evolving technical landscape. They are a NZQA Category 1 rated organisation and have over 80,000 learners online and in person.

The Problem

academyEX was created to address the imbalance of what children were learning at school and the skills that the future requires by introducing them to collaborative, creative, hands-on digital discovery and problem-solving. Now their suite of programmes is rapidly expanding as they identify and seek to build capability in the classroom, the workplace, and beyond, and enable New Zealanders to lead change.
To enable this transformation, academyEX has an AWS Cloud environment that would benefit from adopting best practices to be Well Architected, Cost Optimised and Secure.

With current resource constraints and the challenge with attracting, retaining and training suitably skilled AWS experts in-house, academyEx have engaged Mantel Group Managed Services/DevOps Management, which will asses/uplift the legacy tech, alleviate cyber security risks and privacy concerns, along with helping to leverage underutilised tech.


Initial discovery has established the following high level requirements, that will be assessed and prioritised during the establishment phase of this service:


Removal of legacy technologies


Uplift of automation, and CI/CD


Establish best practice monitoring capabilities


Uplift security posture


Cost optimisation


Establish best practice documentation and assist with upskilling team members


Establish any new tooling as part of DevOps as a Service, e.g. PagerDuty


Establish SSO capabilities

The Solution

Network Patterns

VPC / account basic isolation. Double layer (public / isolated) subnets planned upgrade to 3 layers and adding NAT GW.

DNS and URI Structures

Subdomains used for each component. academyEX manages domains for each customer. DNS is managed in cloudflare.

Security and Monitoring

Onboarded to MS monitoring

Metrics Reporting

From MS reporting


Using RDS and Fargate

Key Products/Services Used

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Environment segregation

Amazon API Gateway

Proxy for lambdas

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) – Fargate

Run academyEX’s product components → Laravel: API + Frontend

AWS Lambda

Used for third party integration endpoints (eg: captcha)

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).

Hold each customer’s products DBs


Hold multimedia assets per product component type

Elastic transcoder

Processes all of the platform’s video assets.

AWS Key Management Service

Added for backup and uplift

AWS Certificate Manager

Attached to Load balancers

Third party applications or solutions used

Cloudflare Managed WAF


Google recaptcha


Mantel Group have assisted academyEx to continue their cloud platforms’ development objectives through the ongoing design of resilient architecture, implementing strong controls and operational processes, and creating an efficient infrastructure platform that can be deployed in a repeatable pattern using customised automation tool chains.