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An analysis of leading brands from across the globe.

We recently analysed leading brands across the globe to help a client unify 130 digital touchpoints into a seamless customer journey across all segments, throughout their entire lifecycle. Our work revealed 12 key qualities to producing a best-in-class unified customer experience applicable to all industries and organisations.

Curious how your organisation performs against these criteria?

The 12 key qualities to a perfectly unified customer experience:


Customers are enabled to use whichever channel makes sense to them.


All communication is data-driven, relevant, targeted and interconnected.


Customers can complete connected tasks quickly and in minimal steps.


Customers are enabled to build and participate in communities across digital channels.


Data sources are unified to provide targeted content that engages customers.


Digital tools intended to enhance physical experiences work in context and are relevant.


Services are connected to external services that complement and support real life scenarios.


Customers can discover diverse content and self-serve effectively for tasks that don't require contact.


Staff have unified tools and effective training to deliver great customer support and consultation.


Technology systems are chosen and implemented to work together for a seamless customer experience.


Customers feel incentivised to use more services more often, becoming an advocate over time.


Emerging digital technology is used to adapt to the evolving needs of customers.

Find out how your organisation performs against these criteria.

  • Gaps that are costing you customers or creating friction.
  • Opportunities, how to harness them.
  • Future digital developments balance customer, commercial and operational needs.

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Richard Busso

Client Engagement Principal